Schedule of Fees


Pocono Farms East Association

Current as of June 19, 2018

Dues (annually)
Improved Units $155.00
Unimproved Units $110.00

Building Permits:
Review of Plans (new construction) $500.00
Review of Plans (additions/improvements) $100.00
Review of Plans (fence) $50.00
Review of Plans (deck) $100.00
Review of Plans (shed) NO CHARGE
Portable on demand storage (PODS) NO CHARGE
Tree Removal NO CHARGE

Late Penalty: (1.25% per month) PLUS
Administrative / Delinquency Fee (April 1) $25.00

PA Planned Community Compliance Certification:
Resale Certificate $200.00 (10 day service)
Resale Certificate $300.00 (3 day service)

Transfer Fee:
Improved Units (100%) of prior year dues) $155.00
Unimproved Units (50% of prior year dues) $77.50

Clubhouse Rental Fee:
Room Rental $200.00 (Six hours including set up and cleanup)
Extra hours or part thereof $25.00
Security deposit $125.00

Return Check Fee: $25.00

Tenant Registration Fee: $50.00 per new lease / $50.00 annually for ongoing leases  

Fines: See Article 13 Penalties of the Association Rules and Regulations.